We are resuming in-person worship services. Due to restrictions still in place as a response to COVID-19 space is limited. Please contact us if you would like to be included.
Live streaming services, as well as recordings of past services, can be viewed here.

Book Reviews

  • Preacher to the Remnant: The Story of James Renwick – Maurice Grant [Download]
  • 2000 Years of Christ’s Power – NR Needham [Download]
  • An Unexpected Journey – Bob Godfrey [Download]
  • Basics of the Reformed Faith – Smallman and Ryken [Download]
  • Contending For Our All – John Piper [Download]
  • Heavenly Love – Gary Brady [Download]
  • Leviticus EP Study Commentary – John Currid [Download]
  • Old Testament Explained and Applied – Gareth Crossley [Download]
  • Questions and Answers on the Shorter Catechism – John Brown of Haddington [Download]
  • Rapture Fiction And The Evangelical Crisis – Crawford Gribben [Download]
  • Seeing Jesus – Peter Barnes [Download]
  • Sing the Lord’s Song – John Keddie [Download]
  • Standing For Christ In A Modern Babylon – Olasky [Download]
  • Standing Forth – Roger Nicole [Download]
  • Striving Against Satan – Joel Beeke [Download]
  • Talking To God – The Theology Of Prayer – Wayne R. Spear [Download]
  • The Coming of the Warrior-King – Zephaniah Simply Explained – Darlington [Download]
  • The Hand of God – Fred Leahy [Download]
  • The Irish Puritans – Crawford Gribben [Download]
  • The Pigtails And Chopsticks Man – Cromarty [Download]
  • War And Grace – Don Stephens [Download]
  • When Shall These Things Be – Keith Mathison Ed [Download]
  • Who Are The Puritans – Erroll Hulse [Download]
  • Why I Left the Contemporary Christian Music Movement – Dan Lucarini [Download]