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The Protestant Century: An Introduction to Reformation Church History – Spring 2012

Revivals and Revolutions: An Introduction to Modern Church History – Spring 2013

For Christ’s Crown and Covenant: An Introduction to Reformed Presbyterian Church History (1560-2014) – Spring 2014

Westminster Shorter Catechism Audio


Westminster Shorter Catechism Studies

A Study Guide to John Owen’s ‘Rules for Walking in Fellowship’

Children’s Scripture Memory – Spring 2018

Toddler – God’s Love

Preschool – Jesus Is the Savior

Younger Elementary – Studying God’s Word

Middle Elementary – Telling Others

Older Elementary – 1 Samuel to Esther

Children’s Scripture Memory – Winter 2017-18

Toddler – God’s Son

Preschool – Jesus Is God’s Son

Younger Elementary – Loving Jesus

Middle Elementary – Listening to Jesus

Older Elementary – Exodus to Ruth

Young Teen and High School – Westminster Shorter Catechism Q. 13-24


Children’s Scripture Memory – Fall 2017

Toddler – God’s Family

Preschool – God Created All Things

Younger Elementary – Living Together

Middle Elementary – Worshiping God

Older Elementary – Genesis

Westminster Shorter Catechism_Fall_Year 1


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