Worship Services

Welcome - we're glad you're here!


Our worship is simple and biblical, and focuses on the preaching of God's Word through faithful exposition and applied exhortation.

We believe that God’s Word clearly sets forth how He is to be worshiped. The reading and exposition of the Word of God are the central focus of our worship. Our musical praise employs God’s Word only, thus making use of the divinely inspired Book of Psalm of the Bible. In keeping with the New Testament Church’s directive for heart worship, we sing without the aid of musical instruments.

I'm Visiting - Should I take the Lord's Supper?

We celebrate Communion on the 2nd Sunday of each month, at all three services.

If you’re visiting, and you’re interested in partaking of the Lord’s Supper with us, we ask you to take a look at the questions below. Also, if you’re able to arrive a few minutes before worship begins, that will give an elder or pastor a chance to meet you and welcome you to the Lord’s table.

  1. Have I been baptized in a Christian church?
  2. Have I put my faith in Jesus Christ alone for my salvation?
  3. Am I seeking to live a life that's consistent with my Christian profession?
  4. Am I a member of a gospel-believing church?
  5. Is my membership in that church 'in good standing'? (I.e., I'm not under formal discipline by my church leadership.)

In addition, we cordially invite our fellow NAPARC members (OPC, PCA, URC, among others) – denominations with who we have special fraternal relations – to commune with us.

We look forward to deepening the fellowship we share in our common Savior.